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What Are Snapchat Planets?

Have you ever noticed planets orbiting your friends’ names on Snapchat? These aren’t just fancy emojis; they’re part of a clever feature called Friend Solar Systems.

In the realm of Snapchat, you’re the sun, and your friends are the planets that revolve around you represent your eight closest Snapchat friends. The closer a planet is to the sun, the more frequently you interact with that friend.

Your closest Snapchat friend is represented by Mercury, the planet nearest the sun. As you move outward, each planet represents a less frequent level of interaction.

Snapchat Planets

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Snapchat Planets: How do Friend Solar Systems work?

To check your friend solar system, tap on their Friendship Profile. If you’re a Snapchat+ subscriber, you’ll see a ‘Best Friends’ badge with a gold ring around it. Tapping on the badge will reveal which planet you are in their solar system.

Friend Solar System 249375175
Friend Solar System 2 437653676

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Snapchat +

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is a premium subscription service that offers a variety of exclusive features, including Friend Solar Systems. With Snapchat Plus, you can see which of your friends have you in their Friend Solar System, and you can also customize your own Friend Solar System by pinning your best friend as your #1 best friend.

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Friendmoji represents?

The Friendmoji is a small emoji that appears next to your friends’ names when you view your Friend Solar System. The Friendmoji is different for each planet, and it represents the type of interaction you have with that friend. For example, the Friendmoji for Mercury is a heart, which represents that you chat and snap with that friend a lot.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Friend Solar System

Snapchat Planets Order and Meaning (2023- Updated)

Snapchat, a trailblazing social media platform, has been captivating the hearts of Gen Z users worldwide. While it’s already feature-packed, Snapchat Plus takes the experience up a notch with an array of exciting upgrades.

In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the fascinating world of Snapchat Planets, delve into their order, and meaning, and share insights on how you can navigate the Friend Solar System.


This is where the journey begins. Mercury, the first planet in the Snapchat Solar System, is symbolized by a red planet with four red hearts.

It represents your closest friend on Snapchat, the one with whom you share the most streaks and perhaps your dearest friend in the Snapchat universe.

Just as Mercury orbits closest to the sun, this friend holds a special place in your digital orbit.

Mercury 639637174

Image Source Snapchat


Following Mercury is Venus, the second planet. It’s represented by a light brown planet adorned with yellow, pink, and blue hearts.

Venus signifies your second closest friend, highlighting the significance of this valued connection.

Venus shines brightly, mirroring the significance of this friend in your digital journey.

Venus 308662585

Image Source Snapchat


Earth, the third planet, is a remarkable representation of your third-best friend.

This planet features the same colors as our real Earth and includes a moon, stars, and red hearts, signifying a solid friendship bond.

Earth is a nurturing presence, much like the role this friend plays in your Snapchat connections.

Earth 779663050

Image Source Snapchat


Mars is a captivating planet that represents your fourth closest friend on Snapchat.

It’s characterized by a red planet adorned with stars, purple, and blue hearts, symbolizing the meaningful connection you share.

Mars, with its fiery red hue, infuses a spark of excitement into your digital interactions.

Mars 763177897

Image Source Snapchat


Jupiter, the fifth planet in your Friend Solar System, takes the form of a reddish-orange planet with dark orange stripes and stars.

It represents your fifth closest friend and celebrates the unique bond you’ve formed.

Just as Jupiter is massive and influential, this friend’s presence carries a powerful connection.

Jupiter 264207261

Image Source Snapchat


Similar to our tangible solar system, Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and represents your sixth closest friend.

It’s denoted by an orange planet with a ring and stars, highlighting another cherished friendship.

Like Saturn’s iconic rings, this friend adds layers of joy and positivity to your digital universe.

Saturn 71955266

Image Source Snapchat


Uranus, the seventh planet, symbolizes your seventh closest friend on Snapchat.

It’s represented by a green planet with no hearts, emphasizing the distinctiveness of this friendship.

Uranus, with its unique tilt, represents the unexpected and unpredictable nature of this friendship.

Uranus 721664620

Image Source Snapchat


Last but not least, Neptune is the eighth planet in your digital solar system.

It represents your eighth friend in the Snapchat Friend Solar System. However, it’s a solitary planet with no love or life, signifying the uniqueness of this bond.

Neptune’s mysterious beauty mirrors the profound and mysterious depths of this friendship.

Neptune 450822838

Image Source Snapchat

How Snapchat's Friend Solar System Operates

To see your best friends on Snapchat, you need to get the Snapchat+ subscription. If you can’t get it, you won’t be able to check out planets on Snapchat. But, you can use the Snapchat+ free trial for free to see them. Follow these steps to learn how:

  1. Open Snapchat and tap on your profile.
  2. Click on the settings.
  3. Look for the Snapchat+ option under your email and tap on it.
  4. Tap on subscribe
Open Your Profile
Click on the settings and snapchat plus 1
Click on the subscribe

5. Tap “Next”

6. Tap on “Start Free Trial” restart the app.

7. Continue and Add a payment method; you won’t be charged right away.

Click on the next
monthly and annual plan
7 day free trial

8. After activating Snapchat+, restart the app.

9. Go to Chats, open a friend’s chat.

10. Tap on their Bitmoji to see their profile.

11. Click on the ‘Best Friend’ or ‘Friend’ badge to view planets.

That’s it! Now you can see Snapchat planets for free. Remember to cancel Snapchat+ before the trial ends to avoid charges. Once the trial is over, the cost will be taken from your payment source automatically.

Discover which planet you represent in your friend's Snapchat universe:

  1. Open your friend’s profile on Snapchat.
  2. Locate and tap the Best Friends badge to unveil the planet that symbolizes your level of closeness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Snapchat Planets

Here are answers to some common questions about Snapchat best friends, planets, and the Friend Solar System:

What is the order of Snapchat best friends?

The order of Snapchat’s best friends is determined by the level of interaction you have with them on Snapchat. The friend with whom you share the most snaps and chats for consecutive weeks becomes your best friend on Snapchat and is assigned the Mercury planet.

How many best friend planets are on Snapchat?

Snapchat offers a total of eight best friend planets, each assigned to one of your closest friends.

How do you make someone your #1 best friend on Snapchat fast?

To establish someone as your number one best friend on Snapchat, both of you must engage in a consistent exchange of snaps and chats for at least two weeks.

What are Snapchat Planets and the Friend Solar System?

Snapchat Planets is a unique feature within Snapchat’s Friend Solar System, available to Snapchat Plus subscribers. The Friend Solar System assigns planets to your closest friends, with you as the central “Sun.” Each planet represents one of your best friends, allowing you to visually identify your closest connections.

How do Snapchat Planets correlate to my best friends?

Snapchat Planets correspond to the order of your best friends on the app. The friend with whom you share the most snaps and chats for consecutive weeks becomes your best friend on Snapchat and is assigned the Mercury planet. The subsequent planets follow the order of your best friends, just as in our solar system.

Can I customize or change the assignment of Snapchat Planets?

Currently, Snapchat does not provide a direct way to customize or change the assignment of Snapchat Planets. They are automatically determined based on your interactions and the order of your best friends. However, you can manage your friends list to influence the assignment of planets indirectly.

How do I subscribe to Snapchat Plus to access Snapchat Planets?

To access Snapchat Planets and the Friend Solar System, you need to subscribe to Snapchat Plus. You can do this by going to the Snapchat app settings, navigating to the subscription section, and choosing Snapchat Plus. The subscription comes with various additional features, including the Friend Solar System.

What is the significance of the emoji representation for each Snapchat Planet?

The emoji representation of each Snapchat Planet adds a personal touch to your friendships. They serve as visual symbols of your connection. For example, Mercury is represented by a red planet with red hearts, emphasizing your closest friend, while Saturn features an orange planet with a ring, signifying your sixth closest friend.

Can I see my friends’ Snapchat Planets, or is this information private?

The assignment of Snapchat Planets to your friends is a private feature. You can see your own Snapchat Planets, but you cannot view the planets assigned to your friends. The Friend Solar System is a personal visual tool for you to identify your closest connections.

Are there any recent updates or changes to Snapchat Planets in 2023?

As of 2023, there have been no major updates or changes to Snapchat Planets. The feature continues to operate as previously described, with Snapchat Plus subscribers having access to the Friend Solar System and the assignment of planets based on best friends’ interactions.

Can I remove someone from my best friends list and their associated planet?

You can remove someone from your best friends list by reducing your interactions with them on Snapchat. However, this might not immediately affect the assignment of their planet, as it’s based on historical interactions. To change a friend’s planet, you’d need to engage more with another friend to shift their position.

Friend solar system snapchat not working?

If you are having trouble seeing your friends’ solar systems, it is possible that they are not subscribed to Snapchat Plus. You can also try restarting the Snapchat app or checking for updates.

No gold ring around best friends snapchat?

The gold ring around your best friend’s Bitmoji in Snapchat’s Friend Solar System indicates that you have them pinned as your #1 best friend. You can pin your best friend by tapping and holding on their Bitmoji in your Friend Solar System and then selecting “Pin as #1 Best Friend.”

Snapchat Planets have transformed the way we connect with friends on the app. It’s not just about sending snaps; it’s about the celestial bonds you share. With the Friend Solar System, Snapchat has elevated digital friendships into a cosmic adventure. So, embrace your inner astronaut and embark on a journey to explore your Snapchat Planets today.

Remember, Snapchat Plus is your gateway to this celestial experience. Consider subscribing to unlock the full potential of Snapchat Planets and other captivating features. In this digital universe, your friendships truly become out-of-this-world connections.